Week 6: Selecting a Platform for Your Personal Portfolio

Quinn WarnickWeekly Updates

At this point in the semester, you should have identified all of the artifacts you need for your official English Department portfolio (in the Core Matrix and the Professional Writing Matrix), and your short reflections for each of these artifacts should be complete. I’ll take a look at those this weekend and suggest revisions, if necessary. Once you get the go-ahead from me (I’ll email you directly), you should upload all of those documents to the matrices on the Scholar site and bring a completed copy of the “English ePortfolio Graduation Checklist” to class during Week 6. (If you can’t complete the entire checklist because you still need to produce one of your artifacts in a class this semester, that’s fine — just do as much as you can.)

In class, we’ll continue our discussion about how to approach your professional online portfolios — specifically, we’ll help you choose a platform and a hosting solution. Before you come to class, you should review as many sample portfolios as you can, with the intention of finding a few portfolios you’d like to emulate as you develop your own.

Questions? Concerns? As always, just let me know or come see me during office hours (T 2–5, W 9–12).