Week 3: The Job Market vs. Graduate School

Quinn WarnickWeekly Updates

I hope our class session on Wednesday helped you determine which artifacts from your English classes will make the best fit for the various cells in the Core Matrix and the Professional Writing Matrix. All of those materials should now be uploaded to your shared Google Drive folder, where I can review and help you refine them before you upload them to the Scholar site.

Between now and next Wednesday, you should finalize the documents you plan to use for the first three learning outcomes in the Core Matrix and write the 200-word reflection essays that will accompany these documents. Remember what we discussed in class: your reflection essays should situate your artifacts within the broader context of your work in the English Department and help your readers (the faculty members assessing your portfolio) understand how and why each artifact demonstrates your mastery of that particular learning outcome. If your artifacts don’t line up perfectly with the learning outcomes, your reflection essays should address that issue and explain your rationale for selecting the documents you chose to include. Please make sure that your Core Matrix documents (with the exception of the “Showcase on Growth”) and your reflective essays for these documents are clearly labeled in your Google Drive folder before you come to class on Wednesday.

During our Week 3 class, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of looking for a job versus pursuing more schooling after you graduate. As time allows, you might be interested in reading some of the articles I’ve bookmarked about the job search and going to graduate school.

If you need any help with your Core Matrix documents, please come see me during office hours (T 2–5, W 9–12) or send me an email. Otherwise, I’ll see you in class!