Week 2: Collecting Materials, Setting Individual Schedules

Quinn WarnickWeekly Updates

It was nice to meet everyone on Wednesday morning — especially those of you who haven’t taken a class from me in the past. We may be a small group, but I think that has several advantages. Chief among them will be our ability to focus on each of your portfolios in detail.

We’ll get started on that goal next week with our first checkpoint assignment: collecting all of your course materials from your time in Virginia Tech’s English department and determining how you can use your essays and projects to complete the two matrices required for graduation. Please begin gathering your materials and bring them with you to class on Wednesday. Before you come to class, you should review the Core Matrix and the Professional Writing Matrix in the Scholar Portfolio site and select two essays/projects that could be candidates for each cell in the matrices. In class, we will review your options and help you choose the best document for each requirement.

If you’re having trouble finding artifacts for some of the cells, don’t panic. We’ll discuss some strategies for dealing with this problem on Wednesday. Just do your best to find all of your course materials and gather them in one place (e.g., flash drive, folder on your laptop, Google Drive).

Please let me know if you have any questions about our plans for next week. Otherwise, I’ll see you bright and early on Wednesday morning!